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Chocolate Fountain Ideas for Dipping

Chocolate Fountain Ideas for Dipping


A chocolate fountain is a delicious and elegant centerpiece for a party, wedding or prom. Many types of foods, including fruits, breads and cheeses, are traditional accompaniments to the rich chocolate. Choose foods that are bite size, and easy to eat with your hands. A variety of different delicacies to cover with chocolate will keep your guests coming back for more.

    Fresh Fruits 

  1. Arrange your fresh fruits in bowls around the chocolate fountain. Chill them before serving, and keep them cool by placing the bowls on ice if possible. Create a pyramid with washed and dried strawberries and surround it with an assortment of raspberries and cherries. For a less traditional treat, cut mangoes and papayas into slices and chunks and mound them in a bowl. Serve the tropical fruit alongside of fresh coconut chunks, banana slices and pineapple slices. Garnish with star fruit and add color interest with purple dragon fruit. If your fruit will be sitting for a few hours during the party, drizzle with lemon juice or pineapple juice to keep the fruit from discoloring (turning brown).

    Cookies and Cakes

  2. An assortment of cookies and cakes will complement the chocolate fondue and are excellent finger foods. Serve the cakes in small paper holders cut into bit size squares. Supply a bowl of toothpicks to keep your guests' fingers clean. Arrange cheesecake bites, brownie bites and small squares of angel food cake. Freeze donuts, Twinkies and éclairs to keep them firm and cool during the party. Cut them into bite size pieces and serve on a chilled platter. Cream puffs, bite-size Rice Crispy treats, shortbread cookies, macaroons, peanut butter cookies, marshmallows and graham crackers all make tasty dippers for the chocolate fountain.

    Salty Treats and Cheeses

  3. Provide a selection of salty snacks to add variety and complement the sweetness of the chocolate. Arrange small bowls of walnut halves, Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews and peanut clusters around the fountain. Pretzel sticks, popcorn balls and potato chips are unexpectedly delicious when paired with chocolate.

    Cheeses will provide variety as well and can be eaten along with other dipping items, such as the fresh fruits. Serve your cheeses with toothpicks on platters that are over ice. Cubed cheddar, mozzarella balls and slices brie and gruyere will be firm enough to dip underneath the fountain.


  4. Bowls of candies will provide a splash of color and whimsy to your chocolate fountain. Gummy bears and worms are fun treats and taste great with the rich chocolate. Serve bowls of toffee pieces, peanut brittle, caramels and marshmallows for more sweet options. Peppermint sticks, candied fruits and cinnamon sticks are more adult versions to include in your candy selection.